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Caesars Palace – Las Vegas, NV

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  • Photo of Naomi G.

    My husband and I were booked at the Palace Tower last week to celebrate my birthday and  we can hear the couple next door  arguing and screaming at each other the whole time. We went to the Diamond Check in Counter and talked to Yunie who was in the front desk. We explained her about the situation and she was kind enough to  grant our request for a room change. She even placed us on a higher floor and with  better view. Thank you Yunie and Caesar’s Palace for making my birthday special and we really appreciate your good customer service.

  • Photo of Beth H.

    We booked a suite in the Julius tower 12/14-12/18/2022. The room was spacious although a bit worn in places and could use a refresh. The couch pillow also had a stain so that clearly wasn’t cleaned. The room description stated tub/shower combo but it was just a walk-in shower which isn’t terrible but I enjoy soaking in a tub. The room also stated a mini-fridge was available but they charge $75 to use it which also pissed us off. So we had to purchase cold water at the hotel for an outrageous price. But the real issue was on our second day a man tried to enter our room completely unannounced with keys. When my husband called out to them from the other side of the door after putting the security lock on they still didn’t announce and just walked away. We called the front desk asking for security immediately. I was put on hold for several minutes and was told that was a hotel ambassador doing a room check since we opted out of housekeeping. That is completely unacceptable to enter someone’s room unannounced and we were not informed this would occur by opting out of housekeeping at all. My husband and I weren’t even dressed and had the room occupied sign on the door as we were getting ready for our night out. The fact that the front desk basically didn’t care about our complaint made it even worse. Additional complaints, the hotel is huge and only has one sit down restaurant serving breakfast which meant we had to wait a minimum of 20-30 minutes every day just to get coffee and food. They also don’t offer free drinks while gambling which was a shock. We ate at Amalfi’s which was the best part of our stay. The food and the service was excellent and I couldn’t recommend it more. For the most part the hotel staff was very friendly as well. I would not recommend staying here as there are plenty of other comparable or better hotels on strip with better pricing and people not entering your room unannounced.

  • Photo of Brian H.

    Stayed 3 nights at Caesars for a conference. Older but classic hotel. Huge hotel. Love their atmosphere, ambiance, and decor. Hotel is very elegant.

    Ideal location. Smacked down in the middle of the strip. Convenient to other hotels, restaurants, and shopping. 5 stars for location.

    Caesars offers excellent dining and shopping. Tons of restaurants and shops. Plenty to choose from. Their bars/lounges are nice. Fun to people watch. Employees are cool. Nice people. Friendly and hospitable. Love The Forum Shops. Ate at Beijing Noodle 9. Excellent! Also ate at Sushi Roku. Outstanding.

    I stayed in the Augustus tower. Had a view of the Bellagio. Nice view. Older room but very spacious. Handicap room but that’s okay. Outdated amenities, carpet, wallpaper, etc. I noticed poop and vomit stains on the outside of the toilet bowl. Gross. Didn’t take a pic because that’s nasty. Just don’t look down. Bed was really comfortable. Shower was huge. Mini bar is really expensive. Rip off. Room has a Keurig but you have to purchase their coffee pack for $20. Comes with 4 k cups. No thanks.

    Overall, decent experience. I’d stay here again if I got comped or if room rates were less than $150 per night.

  • Photo of AJ D.

    The Fall of Rome

    January 13

    This trip was in celebration of two 30th birthdays and it all started off with no cake.

    Weeks prior, the hotel was contacted to ask about where a birthday cake should be delivered. We were informed that the bellhop would accept that delivery and it would be held for pick up after check in. This was not the case. Once we got to the bellhop, we were told that they didn’t accept food deliveries, period, and that cake ordered from New York, was sent back.

    After that 30+ minute fiasco, we were given our room keys to drop off our luggage and get ready for the birthday dinner at Joe’s seafood which is in the Forum Shops.

    1000 steps later, we arrived to our dungeon lair of a room. At first, I didn’t mind the mood lighting, but that was until I had to shine my light to find something I had dropped and saw how disgusting the floors were. I then saw the furniture was scratched, both sides of the bathroom door knobs were chipped like someone tried to break into the bathroom and the real horror in the room was the limescale on the shower head. (As seen in photos). How did housekeeping think that all the boxes were checked and this room was ready for guests that paid $$$ for? Not just this room, but the other THREE rooms that were booked for our party looked the exact same way. Motel 6 rooms look better than this.


    January 14

    We were moved to rooms in the Palace Tower.

    On our way out of the Forum Tower elevator I noticed that the glass on the wall was cracked which I thought was a safety hazard for one and I went to take a picture and couldn’t believe it actually got worse. My flash caught a drawing of a penis on that cracked wall. Good. Bye.

    Before turning into the Palace Tower elevators there was security to make sure you were a guest, but the woman that was at her post was FaceTiming someone and never looked up from her phone. The next couple days, there was an older, tired gent who was sitting on a display plant, but the others were pretty tight.

    The lights were brighter, the bed seemed cleaner, we thought, “ahh what a change. This is SO much better!” I then took a shower, got ready, and of course the horror story continued.

    The sink never drained. (Pictures: Sink from 1:30pm and then 9pm and still has not fully drained) In the morning there was still some water left. When I washed my face, I wiped off with a FACE towel only to find a PUBIC HAIR on the towel!!!!!! (pictured)

    January 15

    Dear LORD, I wish that was all.

    I really wish that was all.

    Let’s continue.

    Due to the unfortunate events that had transpired during those days, we were given a buffet credit of $150 and we were told that we didn’t need to make a reservation (there was 7 in our party for this dinner), we could simply walk up and tell the hostess about the situation and we would be able to go right in.

    If you’ve ever been to the Bacchanal Buffet, YOU KNOW how popular it is.

    We walked up and of course we were told that we did in fact need a reservation. So back to the front desk we went.

    Exhausted and defeated from this joke of a birthday weekend, the wind changed. An upright gentleman stood before us and was the first of THREE managers to accept responsibility and apologize for the inconveniences that had taken place. This hero is named Conner. The golden standard of customer service. There was a sense of urgency, there was an apology, and there was some justice. He gave us other options for dinner in case the buffet fell through, which we appreciated, but he pulled some strings and made the buffet happen. We suspect he even ran down there himself since he seemed out of breath (hence the sense of urgency) and we so very much appreciated it. He even added more credit to the buffet and for a minute there we actually forgot about the first couple days we were there. Thank you, Conner.

    (My review of the buffet has already been posted.)

    TLDR; Apparently the name Caesars Palace objective is “to ensure an atmosphere in which everybody staying at the hotel would feel like a Caesar; this is why the name “Caesars Palace” lacks an apostrophe, making “Caesars” a plural instead of possessive noun.” Well, if you’re going to stay at Caesars Palace, be prepared to get the full experience of getting stabbed in the back.

  • Photo of Julie C.

    It was my first time staying at Caesars Palace over Christmas 2022 weekend. We normally stay at The Venetian but decided to try Caesars because we had tickets for the Adele concert on Christmas Eve.

    I had two adjoining rooms in the Augustus Tower. For the price I paid you would think it would be decent rooms. Our room was outdated, old, and pretty dusty. The carpet was dirty with all types of stains, holes in the wall, peeling paint everywhere , and the shower tile were cracked and moldy.

    Most of everyone working, from the front desk and especially the workers at the rewards center were straight up rude and unhelpful. They also charge you all type of fees.

    Never will I stay at Caesars Palace again.

  • Photo of Bill C.

    When they first opened in the 1960s, cocktail waitresses wore off-shoulder tunics and greeted guests with “Welcome to Caesars Palace, I am your slave.” The original logo was a female feeding grapes to a reclining toga-clad male and the ‘orgy of excitement’ theme left quite an impression on us as teenagers. Times changed though, nowadays you’re more likely to be greeted with “Check-in is at 4 p.m. but for an extra $55, you can get your room key early.”

    Rates are competitive and in 2022 there were mid-weeks for $60, though jacked up to over $200 on Friday and Saturday like all the others. The Augustus Tower rooms are clean, modern, and comfortable with minimal outside noise, quality bedding and marble in the bathrooms. This is a great casino to do a staycation in to get drunk, stoned, or both and then play all night without having to stagger to the car and drive home impaired. Caesars is where The Hangover was filmed, after all.  Memorable events include Evel Knievel trying to jump over the fountains outside, breaking a pelvis, and going into a month-long coma as well as Rat Pack concerts, a Muhammad Ali title fight, and the Grand Prix Formula One race. The Forum Shops were added in the 1990s and every year it’s America’s highest revenue-grossing mall with stores like Gucci, Fendi, and Tiffany amid the statues and columns.

    Some restaurants are upscale (Nobu, Guy Savoy, Palm, Hells Kitchen) but there are plenty of other options including a food court close to the garage, which comes with a free first hour of parking.  A few of the table games still have minimums as low as $15 on weekdays or $25 at night, they all have very relaxing chairs, plenty of elbow room and a maximum of five players (many casinos will jam six to a table).  For the visiting ’emperors’, a masseuse will come by to massage you while you play, if that’s your thing, at around $40 for 10 minutes.  But it seemed like gamblers were finding it difficult to focus and decide whether to hit or stay on a soft 17 while someone was standing behind their chair, attacking the shoulders. I will say most of the bettors who paid for the service were self-conscious and made sure their faces showed no sign of arousal during the rubdown…but not all.

    Some improvements could make Caesars even more appealing. Lobby congestion at 4 p.m. could be avoided with better technology and by offering complimentary early check-in times. If a room’s ready, why not? No guest ever gets their money’s worth on resort fees anyway, so you may as well give them something. And cigarette smoking is permitted throughout Caesars without a safe haven for non-smokers. C’mon management team, why not at least dedicate a table or two with no ashtrays!  

    Aside from that, Caesars (no apostrophe) Palace is an excellent casino and a cultural icon synonymous with Las Vegas opulence for nearly 60 years, so why not pay this resort an occasional visit?

  • Photo of Bret B.

    Update…. MGM Caesar’s is generally the same from last review, biggest difference are prices for basics….  $8.50 drip coffee, $20 basic cocktails, $28 egg, sausage, potatoes and toast. Who can and why do people want to pay for this.

    I end up on the strip a lot as groups hold meetings because people like LV.

    The plus about Caesar’s vs other strip mega hotels is that as massive as the property is, it is well marked and you can get anywhere on property in about 10 minutes.  

    Other positives are rooms are nice to opulent and for all the smoke on casino floor have zero smoke. They must have the best air filter system on earth.

    Prices are eye popping.  They must be making zillions.  

    Cig smoke on casino floor is so bad everyone from my group eyes were watering, headache and rough sinuses throughout.  

    If you forget your key, the key machines didn’t work during my stay so 20 minute round trip to front desk.  

    Check in / out is better now as you can do on mobile, however, if you need to speak with someone at desk it can be immediate to 30 minute wait.

    Been visiting Las Vegas for business conferences for many years and stayed at maybe half the hotels on the strip and some downtown.  First time ever walked into Caesars as the conference host had the meeting here.  I was pleasantly surprised Any really enjoyed the short trip to LV and my stay.  

    The hotel is massive but for some reason it didn’t seem hard to navigate.  Everyone that works there is real helpful and easy to spot as they are wearing Roman costumes.  Signs are everywhere.  

    The location is perfect next to Bellagio, where we ate dinner at Prime, and short 10 minute walk to City Center and Paris.  10 minutes Uber to airport with no traffic. 30 with traffic.

    Went to the Que Spa and it was very nice.  $35 for a day pass for hotel guests.  I usually arrive LV early evening after hectic week and when I have time usually go to the hotel spa to transition into the weekend.  Did the dry sauna, eucalyptus steam room, cold room, hot tub and took a shower.  They have everything you need including toothpaste.  Boom!  I just shook the week off and ready to have some fun.

    Went to Mr Chow’s overlooking the pool to relax and have a cocktail.  I thought Mr Chow was from the movie the Hangover.  It is not.  It is apparently gourmet chinese food.  Only had shrimp appetizer, old fashioned and glass of Orin Swift SB, All was good.

    Rooms was nice. About like a nice Hilton or Marriott.  Bathroom was borderline luxury.  No complaints at $175 and $30 resort fee (pet peeve – do not like that hidden cost).  Room is not “luxurious” like Aria, Wynn, Encore or Bellagio. I suspect they have rooms like that on property in different tower or floor.  Must have been a nonsmoking floor as no smell of casino smoke.  Overall 4/5.

    Enjoyed Hells Kitchen that is on the property and wrote 5/5 review for that.  Great spot. I would give CP 5/5 for all the different restaurants, coffee shops and bars on property.  

    I don’t really gamble as I am too cheap to lose money and can’t stand smoke, so can’t comment on that other than it looks like a lot of people play and seem to be having fun.  Even though I don’t do it, the people watching is 5/5 at almost any Vegas casino and always enjoy the stroll through the casino.

  • Photo of Nina U.

    Such a beautiful place. The ambiance makes it super difficult for any photo opps, but beautiful nonetheless. We stopped by to go by the Gucci store and nike but also saw that some entertainment was waking place in Culture Kings–a lid, apparel and shoe store. There was a shooting competition going on with a pair of kicks to be given away if 10 basketball shots were made. Unfortunately, the dad and kid pair missed the 10th shot!

  • Photo of Mike B.

    Quick update…

    This month was our first visit to LV since the pandemic. To us, Caesar’s was always considered “classy” even slightly “upscale”. My how things change…

    Got here on a Thursday evening and things started off rather pleasantly. That $hit changed in a hurry.

    Our “casino/resort host”, told us to be sure to ask about a room upgrade. Hmmm… we were intrigued.

    So we get to check in and I ask about said upgrades and associated availability. Keep in mind, our room was comped so not much of a complaint there. The $hit show starts soon thereafter…

    Desk person says “why yes Mr. B, we can upgrade you”. (For a fee of course, which I totally expected). “We have a suite in the Palace Tower available if you like”. Now, my dumbass ignorantly agreed, without further investigation… Like I say, my bad for that.

    What we got was a large, outdated room, large in size but with no mini fridge, coffee maker and furnishings that looked like Sinatra himself had installed. Worse yet, shithole view, NO, (and I mean NO) cell service at the very back end of the palace tower.

    Not to mention THEE tightest slots in this here universe and few, if any drink girls. That’s just sends you to the bar for $10 beers. Total B/S…

    Shops etc., we’re as always… nice and overpriced as expected… But… I’m back to M Life and Bellagio. Bye Felicia aka Harrah’s/Caesars…

    12/20/2019Previous review

    This was our first ever stay at Caesars and I’m assuming, not our last.

    Wifey is a Caesars entertainment member, while I’m an “M Life” member so we can typically get the best of either world. This one was on her…

    So on top of the free rooms, the $375 in free play, another $375 in resort credit, we just couldn’t say no. To us, Caesars was always seeming to be just a bit out of our league but I’m glad we stayed. (We are humble mofo’s, lol).

    The place is huge, with 7 hotel towers and that makes it easy to get disoriented. We love the Forum shops, the sports book and the numerous eateries. Slots are not the loosest but the casino / hotel is centrally located, so many of the other resorts are just a short walk away.

    Rooms are nicely appointed, staff are friendly, the casino itself is really clean and to put it bluntly… it’s just a nice place. Everything you need is within a short walk if you just want to chill.

    BTW… The odds on the $20 Sports Book ticket I bought for my beloved Halos to win the W/S pays a whopping 2000 : 1. I’ll effin’ take that bet all day everyday and twice on Sunday!!! I’ll be back in October 2020 to collect my winnings, lol.

  • Photo of Nadia G.

    Staying at the Octavius Tower for 3 days. I have diamond membership. The three hour check in process at the diamond checkin counter was a nightmare and one of the ladies behind the desk is very unprofessional and rude. I wish I would’ve gotten her name. We would have been better off going through regular checkin.

    We have 4 rooms. One of the rooms that was supposed to have a king bed because it was for a couple had two full size beds. With tattered headboards, vomit on the reading light by the bed, and wires coming out the other reading light. The room was disgusting. They changed the room of course, with barely an apology for the hassle.

    All four rooms are in dire need of better housekeeping and maintenance. The walls look like they have not been wiped down in years, the phones are dirty paint is coming off the cabinets – its just a run down tired old hotel charging sometimes $600+ a night because of supply and demand.

    We were also shown the rooms in the Augustus Tower. Much the same as Octavius, just darker and noisier.

    Will not be staying here again! Sadly I don’t think management cares about their guests opinions. They are so busy with many people who will only come to Las Vegas very very occasionally they don’t bother about repeat business.

    Update: It really seems like they have instructed their housekeeping to do as bad of a job as possible. Only one of our rooms were serviced at all, despite us calling down and asking for fresh towels and for the beds to be made up, etc. several times. I also have bites all over my body and the only thing I can think of sadly and disgustingly is bedbugs.

    12/20/2016Previous review

    This is a very generous 3.

    We stayed at the Augustus Tower a few years ago and it was great. Magnificent room and view of the pool.

    This time we decided to give the Octavious Tower a try. We had 4 rooms four out group. Street view and not quite as nice of rooms. We arrived at about 1.30pm and the rooms were ready. Like all hotels, on the day of check in if your room is ready before the stated time of the reservation, in this case, 4pm, they give you your keys a couple of hours early. But here’s the twist. Cesar’s had found a new way to squeeze every possible cent out of its customers. They now charge $30 if you want to check in an hour or two before 4pm.

    The rooms have very few amenities that 5 star hotels usually offer. No bathrobes, just basic shampoo and lotion. Definitely no mouthwash, etc.

    There is also no soundproofing. You can hear every word the strangers in the room next door are saying in normal conversation.And of course, you hear their TV.

    The Buffet is good but the most expensive on the Strip at $60 per person.  And if you want coffee from the Starbucks downstairs expect to pay about $6 for a tall and 50c for a cup of ice water (tall) that is free and whatever size you want at any other Starbucks not in Cesar’s.

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